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When a blog follower and friend sends an email asking if you’re okay, it may be time to put-away the put-offs and make a decision. I must post something today or run the risk that others will think the last mud puddle I jumped into had quick sand lurking at the bottom.

Something pithy…

[Searches brain. Nothing.]

Not “nothing” as in Nada, Zip, Da-dee-do-dah.”

“Nothing” as in “nothing pithy.”

I have a plethora of thoughts and ideas and scraps of virtual paper noodling around in my noggin.

The problem is those noodles are more like Spaghetti Oh-No’s than cohesive, long spaghetti-like strands.

The way my blog thoughts are scrambled reminds me of my old Corporate America days. We had an odd-duck President back-in-the-day who made a habit of wandering the hallowed halls mid-afternoon on Fridays (with good reason).

He fooled no one. He was doing the corporate work ethic equivalent of a bed check. Who remained chained to his or her desk after Chili’s Happy Hour kicked off at 4:00?

One Friday, he stopped at my office door, queried how I was doing and asked if I accomplished much during the week. “Tons! It’s been busy,” I said.

I meant it. I’d been busy all week.

“Really? Name one thing,” he says.

[Insert deer in the headlights look.]

At that moment, the only thing my brain produced was a new (and brilliant) prank we’d begun to play on a kind, but slow-on-the-joke-uptake V.P. in our department.

Baylor Health Services had a hotline. A hot line one could call and punch in the code for a selected topic. After entering the code, we would blind transfer the call to said V.P. and, when he picked up his line, he’d hear a loud, authoritative voice announce the name of the ailment followed by a confident female reciting details on symptoms and treatment options.

How cool is that? Right?

I had the brochure open on my desk, recording the codes for hemorrhoids and in-grown toenails. We’d already run the spectrum of STD’s.

So, what does this have to do with anything?


It demonstrates my spaghetti oh-no analogy (above). It proves some things leave me speechless. It proves I have to get my noodles in order.

Quickly–like this weekend and beyond quickly.


Like many of you (I assume), I wake up each morning with a Grand Plan to accomplish Great Things in my Gift of Another Happy, Productive Day.

At those moments, and sometimes throughout the entire day, I approach life with the same drive my fourteen-year-old nephew applies to preparation for his third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Did you get that? Fourteen-years-old.

I can only imagine the amount of time, focus and commitment it takes to learn to make a leap that high, and break through the barrier of that board.

He did it.

He’ll do it again with a five-inch thick board when he tests for that third level.

Yeah. There are days when I focus and act on my Lofty Goals.

I love those days.

But, my personality isn’t suited to a constant diet of discipline (external or internal).


There are days when “make a to-do list” remains undone at the end of the day.

There are days when the only thing crossed off my to-do list is…

Wake up! Shower! Dress!

On those days, I more closely resemble my three Y.O. niece who loves to dress herself for dance class.

Those days when, like her, I would spend countless time-outs staring at a corner in the dining room wall for misbehaving.

There are days when I want to indulge my inner child, to dance alone in public (I know you don’t believe me, but I do that), to spread and experience glee.

To wear my bicycle helmet backwards “just because.”

My challenge?

I’m not three-years-old anymore. And, there are times the “just because” days morph into a week. When, despite good intentions, I just want to get up, dress in whatever I want, and smile.


For those of you who understand why I see myself in my 3 YO niece, I have another tale to tell about her. This spontaneous picture opportunity was not captured for posterity.

When she was two, her mom told her and her four year old sister to stand against the wall to have their pictures taken in new outfits. Mom got the camera and turned around. Older Sis stood smiling and ready for her photo op. Young 2 YO sis stood facing the wall with her hands in the air.

We are still uncertain when or why she was (at some point in her young life) arrested.


I am going to follow myself around for the next five days. It blocks every ones view of my rear, so that already makes my plan a winner.

I’ll maintain a record of what I did*, the blog thoughts I had, and be painfully honest about goals versus accomplishments.

[*Since nap, piddle-fart, and dink-around-on-the-Internet are technically “doing something” those will also be included.]

I’ll see you next Wednesday with the results.

Despite my reputation for creatively skewing fact into fiction, I will be honest.


Leave a note of encouragement. Tell me if you also experience the highs and lows in productivity. Tell me how you cope to achieve balance and/or get through your to-do lists without staring at a corner in the dining room for umpty-ump times each day.


Followers! If you haven’t yet discovered the super-talented newbie-to-blogging Zack Kullis, I highly recommend you hop over to a story he recently posted (titled A Tale of Darkness, Fictitious or Not?) It’s the perfect time of year to read his well-written, twisted, and hair-tingling tale of possession. Is it real or is it fictional? You decide. I haven’t yet commented because I don’t yet know. Besides, it’s so dang good, I enjoy rereading it.

And, ahem, should you need more encouragement to get to know Zack, he’s an active FBI agent who has been involved in covert operations, charged through doors with AK47’s, traveled to far-away places. He is one interesting (and, often a  KA-SNORT! waiting-to-happen in comments) dude. Can we all say Subject Matter Expert?

Beats the heck out of a cold call to the F.B.I. – which I did when researching my first novel that involved a penny stock scam. Now, I keep seeing drones flying overhead. Zack! Call off your buddies! I did nothing wrong!

Until next time. Keep smiling and dancing…


And, producing. Focus, Gloria Jean, Focus.