Who Me?

GLORIA RICHARD, author of Contemporary Single Title Romance and Middle Grade Fantasy Series. I can’t remember a time I didn’t love to read, a time I didn’t love word play, a time I didn’t love to laugh.

No matter the book, one sentence rings true for scenes that rock my writing world.

 I love laughter in life, and that’s what I put on the page.

My books have tension, conflict, snark, spark, passion, quirks, twists, turns, spunk, pain, steam and Happily Ever Afters. Whoop! A spoiler?

2011 MAGGIE FINALIST–Contemporary Single Title Romance

Heart of the Rockies (HOTR) FIRST PLACE in Contemporary Single Title (non-category). Thank you, COLORADO ROMANCE WRITERS.

CONTACT ME AT: Gloria (dot) r6254 (at) Yahoo (dot) com

My LIFE–A SNAPSHOT (Twirling Top Document. Tidbit Updates Planned) 

When I married my husband, I married two wonderful stepchildren–a son and a daughter. I have two grandchildren I’ve loved since the day they were born, and I’m proud to be their Glowie.

My husband and I live with two yellow labs who graciously permit us to share their doghouse. You’ll see them in many pictures in SCRAPBOOK and on FACEBOOK. I can not imagine NOT having a dog in my life. Who else performs back-flips when I come home late from a writing day at STARBUCKS®? Not my hungry husband.

I grew up in Pennsylvania with four sisters (Team A) and two working parents (Team B). By the time Mom was twenty-five, she had four girls ranging in age from four to newborn. After a four-year break, my youngest sister joined the family. Looking back, I understand why Mom insisted we learn to be independent and set our goals high. “You can be anything you want to be,” she told us.

What I want to be is happy and leave a path traveled a better place because of my actions, my words, my spirit.

What I want to do is laugh and love and dance.

Thanks for visiting. Share the journey and dance with me, why don’t you?


30 thoughts on “Who Me?”

  1. I love your picture! Soooo cute!

  2. Thanks, Jessie! Yours will be ,too. WHEN YOU GET IT TAKEN. (gentle nudge) Not that the pic you have up isn’t beautiful…

    Crumb. Talking myself into the “stupid, stupid person” corner. 😉

  3. Willie Burns (3 of the 5) said:

    WOW – Love the picture – LOVE YOU

  4. Lovely website, Gloria. I’ll look forward to following it!

  5. Good morning, you!

    I thought I would come on over and look around your blog. Look at all these amazing accomplishments! Finalist in The Maggie, First place HOTR — you’ve really done well for yourself. I read another post of yours this morning where you mentioned Glimmertrain. I receive their e-mails, and have entered a few poetry contests, but for the most part am just an admirer. The fees can quickly add up, and the caliber of talent submitting their work . . . well, let’s just say I don’t enjoy giving $15 away. Lol. It takes time, too, which I just don’t have if I’m ever to finish my first novel. I’ve been stuck in the editing phrase for over a year now, and while I do hope to turn a corner here and see some light, some days it’s dark as pitch. I trust, though. I trust and I hope and I dream. Oh, and grow. Can’t for forget the growing — it’s the most important part 🙂

    You, my lady, do not look nearly old enough to have been married for 27 years, and be a Glowie! You’re a lovely lady, and I am so very glad to have met you.


    • I am equally glad we met, Cara. Thanks so much for the “aw, shucks” compliments!

      Your comment on Glimmer Train reminds me that I need to update. My “voice” doesn’t fit their publication. There are better places to spend my writing time and energy.

      I am totally focused at the moment on the WIP that moved center stage as a result of my “A Wish is a Dream your Heart Makes…” for my Little Red.

      I read your blog, Cara. Don’t let the dark days hang around. You, m’dear have a wonderful voice and deserve publication.

      Let’s go get ’em together!

      • That’s funny you should say that about Glimmer Train. I felt much of the same after perusing some of the contest winners. Good for you for seeking out other places to invest.
        I wish you much endurance and perseverance with the WIP. More than talent, those two things are essential when writing a novel, I’ve discovered. 🙂

        You mean “i wryte prettie” ? Yes, there were most definitely a few dark days, still are, but I push through, as we all must if are ever to see that light! Thank you for reading 🙂

        • “…I push through, as we all must if we are ever to see that light.”

          You are SO right, Cara.

          [Insert a pithy quote about failure/rejection on the path to success.] There are many. Most of them from people who pushed through the rejection and early failures.

  6. Julie Catherine said:

    Gloria, I found you through Jennifer Eaton’s blog, love what I see, so am going to stick around and do some more exploring … ~ Julie 🙂

  7. Happy Saturday to you!

    So, I probably should have done this initially, but I admit I was a bit lazy after writing up such a long post; however, I nominated you for an award a while back and I wasn’t sure if you ever saw the post? Here is the link: http://thislittlelight516.wordpress.com/2012/03/23/terribly-long-overdue/

    I think your blog is fabulous; nearly as fabulous as you, dear lady!

    • I saw that, Cara and I am honored.

      I responded on your blog. Can I buy some time before I post my “big reveal” on things people may not know about me?

      You’ll understand why I ask when my next blog goes live.

  8. Not an Award but a compliment. I enjoyed your blog during the year of 2012. Please follow the link to accept the honor. http://wp.me/p28tjX-A3

  9. I am not a romance writer (does that disqualify me from the comments? 😉 but I adore your spunk. Keep it up and thanks for the smile. Love the website.

  10. Hi Gloria,
    Would you be willing to participate in something we are doing for Susie Lindau on Friday morning? I am contacting as many of her followers as possible. My thought is that we all post on our own blogs on Friday with the same title, “Susie Strong”. The content would say something simple like, We are thinking of you. I haven’t known Susie for long but this blogging world is such a family. I thought it would be nice for her to see this message from as many of us as possible. Her husband is going to be updating us after her surgery. He can tell her or she can see it once she is up to it. Are you in? Thanks, Maria aka brickhousechick

  11. WHOOP! Not sure you’ll be able to see that link. I ran over the boundaries. Once again…


  12. BTW – I will be doing a bit of “late late night” trick or treating. I’ll be wearing my male stripper outfit which is basically just a pair of assless chaps.

    So when I knock on your door will it be trick or treat? 😉

  13. Happy Monday! Guess who just got nominated for The Sunshine Award? Yes – you! Now go relish in the afterglow!

  14. The Regular Guy NYC said:

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays Gloria!

  15. Happy New Year to you and your family Gloria! Here’s to a safe and healthy 2014!

  16. Just wanted to drop by and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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