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I have followed Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride blog since the first time I stumbled upon it.

Why? She is a force of energy and enthusiasm. She launches at life, embracing adventure, challenges, and victory.

Under The Wild Child tab on her site, she offers a sampling of her adventures and she closes with these words:

“Come for the ride. Stay for the adventure.”

What’s not to love about that statement? I can’t think of a thing. Bonus! It is oh-so-Susie. It’s how she lives life.

Susie is on my mind today. She’s on the minds and in the prayers of many blog followers, family, and friends today.

Today is the day of The Next Big Step in her journey to kick breast cancer in the @$$. Today is the day she undergoes a double mastectomy. Today is the day she joins a club no one asks to join, but — for those catapulted into qualifying — become grateful to retain long-term membership.

Today is the day Susie completes the next step in her initiation into the Breast Cancer Survivor club.

She’s posted about her journey-to-date with honesty, humor and more guts than one would think that petite body could hold.

To read the first Boob Report from Susie, click here for Roadblocks and U-Turns. You can bounce from there to the second installment, The Boob Report – Laughter is the Best Medicine.

A direct note to Susie…


For today and the days ahead, I’ll ping best wishes and prayers and hugs from the stars over Texas to those same stars over Boulder, Colorado.

When I think of you, I think adventure, spirit, guts, fun, humor, winner, courage, spit-fire, Wild Child, unflappable, life, energy, caring, honor, photographer, carpe diem, joie de vivre, conqueror…

Stellar. Humane. Human.  

Don’t put on that princess crown, yet. I also think “crazy as a drunk chipmunk” when I recall your New Year’s plunge into icy Colorado waters.

I have faith your journey will have a happy ending.

I believe your willingness to share that journey will raise the courage meter for others who face or may someday face a difficult decision — run up on a speed bump masquerading as a Rocky Mountain Foothill.

You are an inspiration.

Take time to heal. I can not fathom the adventures your noggin will plan while your body is busy healing.

Wild Ride, indeed! {{{Cyberhugs!}}}

p.s. I would have included a picture of your flower pots, but that copyright lingo you have on your blog scared the gee-willakers out of me. You are not down for the count, and I can not run fast enough to outpace you should you decide I “done wrong.”

If you know Susie leave a comment for her. If you don’t know her, leave a note of encouragement if you’re so inclined.  If you don’t yet follow her, hop over using the links to The Boob Reports. She has the gumption to conquer this on her own. She is too admired to have that option.