I have secret place where I hide the whack-a-doodle things I buy. MORE COWBELL Jenny Hansen writes a blog about them. I buy them.

Her series on Crazy Book Titles? I own most of those books.

securedownload (29)Today? She featured a product guaranteed to cure the one winky-dink issue I’ve had with MORE COWBELL. That little stinker. IYKWIM

Yes. We’ve been shopping. Yes. We found it. Yes. We plan to blog about it tomorrow. For now, sit back and read Jenny’s post, and click that linky-love that will take you to her post. Leave a comment.

I need the brownie points with the leader of The More Cowbell Posse.

Oh! On the get-out-of-Dodge front. The creator of THE CHARLIE BROWN SCHOOL OF DANCE video (Owen Weber) commented on our Flash Mob. If you haven’t seen it, check out the MILKING THE MORE COWBELL CHRONICLES blog post.

It’s ROCK STAR time at Snark E. Pen.

I may not send More Cowbell home. Look for a world all a-twitter today ferreting our volunteers.

Jenny Hansen's Blog

AmazonReviewDoes anyone else read Amazon reviews for entertainment? I have to control myself or I’d be in there all day long.

I came across this latest product via the video first and could not stop laughing at this gal. I swear she puts the curly “F” in flatulence. She just sounds so proper. I’ve been laughing over the product and it’s “Unconditional Stink-free Guarantee” for DAYS.

Like any self-respecting product researcher, I ran to Amazon to see if they had it. (And they did!) That being said, don’t buy it from there.

The Poo-Pourri site has much better pricing(for all except the Costco-sized refill) and you get to see all the cool product names like Deja Poo, Trap-A-Crap and Heavy Doody.

I LOVE THESE PEOPLE.This is some of the best marketing I’ve ever seen.

PooPourri - Best Marketing

PooPourri - Note from Poo CrewAnd how do you not admire a fulfillment team that goes by the…

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