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Repeating the opening lines from my last post, Why are the Police Sitting Like Bumps on my Pickle?:

[No. It’s not because I’m too lazy to invent new lines. But, thank you for asking.]

I love MY Starbucks Store. It’s invariably filled with talented, educated, creative people. People who are going places.

Some of the customers these Baristas serve also have those admirable traits.

Before I introduce the Alpha Male who flipped the switch on Snark E. Pen…


I rarely write historical, but today reveal little known nonsense facts about one of my favorite characters, Wile E. Coyote.

One dark and stormy night, Wile E sat in his den, surfing the internet on his ACMeAC.

Electrical currents from lightning kicked up dust on the desert floor, and his WiFi connection whack-a-doodled him to string of emails from Brinda Berry to me. What he discovered was a picture. A picture Brinda felt represented my brand. A picture of an ancestor of Wile E.’s nemesis, the Roadrunner.

[In case you’re wondering, I’ve since forgiven Brinda for thinking a rotund, downside-up misfit represented my glob’s brand.]

It was love at first sight for me. ERK at first sight for Wile E. He uncovered why Acme Products consistently malfunctioned, making him, rather than his target, the victim in his nefarious schemes.

You see. All along, his wile had been pitted against a descendent of The Great Snark.

This concludes the history portion of this post.

[Which is alarmingly close to my attention span in history class in high school.]


227137_1022486717217_2426_nChris Mariot is a recent graduate of UNT with a Bachelors degree in Radio, Television and Film.

You can see his full resume here.

He designed my blog’s new banner, and I plan to contract with him to help establish a more active Social Media platform.

For my project, Chris rolled with the various iterations with the same grace he employed when I witnessed a man (who evidently had an aversion to grapes) pluck them one-by-one from his Protein Bistro Box and throw them on…

The floor.

I’m promoting Chris more than the new banner today, because it’s his day to be the STAR of the show.

I’m going to let Chris’s talent speak for itself, then follow up with the words I wrote in letters of recommendation to some of my contacts from my Corporate America days. First up, we have a video written, directed, filmed and edited by Chris for Homeward Bound, an animal rescue mission. Be prepared to be impressed.


When I saw that video I wanted to Google Homeward Bound, find a dog in need of a good home, and come to their rescue. Since we currently have our home on the market, I choose instead to make a donation to this worthy cause. Why?

If you have to ask, replay that video.

IMG_0135More recently, one of our local news channels had a call out for pictures representing The Dog Days of Summer. Chris earned another star for his resume when he submitted this photo.

It was selected to be featured on the evening news.

The dogs may be the stars of this show, but Chris is the talent and drive that garnered their seconds of fame.

Following is yet another video written and produced by Chris  as part of his course work. The first part is one I watched him film while working at MY Starbucks.


Chris’s resume has additional fodder for consideration, including video productions and magazine publications.

If you, or someone you know, seeks talent in any of Chris’s specialties, tell them to bug off. I don’t want to lose his smile at Starbucks.

Kidding, Chris!

I know it’s time for you to put that talent to work.

Finally, following are the sincere words of recommendation written about Chris to those contacts in Corporate America.

Chris is exacting in his standards for attention to detail. I would describe Chris as friendly, good with customers, and intense. He’s consistently here ahead of his scheduled work time. I never witness him standing idle, nor heard about any last minute requests for coverage of his shifts.

During my days, weeks, months, years writing at Starbucks, I’ve had the opportunity to observe Chris and his work habits.

Chris is quick with his smiles, calm during high stress situations, and demonstrates what I believe to be a perfect balance between delivering quality customer service and representing Starbucks standards and brand.

You know the drill by now. I do my best work in comments, so please leave one. Tell me what you think about the new banner. Does it fit the brand of Gloria Globs? Say hello to Chris, or — better yet — provide contact Intel for that career position he deserves.

In my imaginary world, I’m a high flying world-renowned author. In that imaginary world, I would hire Chris to coach me on social media and keep me out of trouble. In my real world, he brews a mean Tazo Zen iced green tea, red-eyes for when I get nappy, and a plethora of other Starbucks offering. And, don’t forget those grapes. He cleans up after the insanity that sometimes invades Starbucks.

I leave it to him to choose whether or not I fall into that category.