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I knew I was going to connect with this post the moment I saw the picture and caption. Nothing I have in my draft files carries the power of August’s accomplishments and words of empowerment. So, I choose to treat you to a post that encourages following your dreams. BONUS! Her debut novel In Her Shadow is available for download now, or in paperback in January.

Girl Boner

Dreams shouldn’t have ceilings. Lucky for me, my parents never imposed them.

This Sunday marks my 34th birthday—birthmas, as I like to call it. Each year for as long as I can remember, I’ve asked myself whether I’ve earned the numerical upgrade. If I’ve prodded further toward my dreams, the answer is yes, this year being no exception. With the release of my first novel underway, I’m feeling exceptionally grateful, particularly since a few months ago, publishing seemed far off.

When I was deciding whether to go the indie-with-an-agent publishing route, my dear friend Bill posted a blog comment that struck me straight in the heart:

Remember the big benefit concert you and your band mate put on, oh, 16 years ago, with a bunch of different local bands? I remember it because that was the first time, out of very many, that I was like, “holy ****, this…

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