EVERYONE deserves a Brinda Berry in their lives. Especially for those enviable times when one wants to go missing yet have something post on their blog.

Plus, Brinda rocks the “Fun and Informative” rule for effective blogging. Yes. She’s here. You have to either (1) scroll through the purple text, or (2) read my blather before you get to her Words of Wisdom.

I’m beginning to feel a bit like Where’s Ralph Waldo Emerson.

On my way home from The Land of the U Hogs (Canada), I made what was supposed to be a quick stop in Pennsylvania. So! I came back to Farm Country, USA, the Tap Root of my Wonky Tree.

And, it’s taking me a while to leave. Things are so slow and calm and fun around here. Did I mention cool?

Did I mention twenty degrees cooler than Texas?

And, the speed limit! Geesh! It may take a while to travel those umpty-ump miles home.

I am so using that speed limit as my excuse.

So, until I get my proverbial act together for a Glob Post, please enjoy and learn from THE Brinda Berry.

Look! I even brought a cheerleader from the Blair County 4H and FFA (Future Farmers of America) Livestock Show.

Give me a B! Give me an R! Give me an I! Give me an N! Take it away, Brin.


Social Networking Overload? – by Brinda Berry

social network list

social network list

Where do you stop when you are making your list for social networking? It depends on the amount of time you have to invest in this activity and your purpose. I have talked a lot about social media on Gloria’s blog. Most of my advice, observations, and instruction has been clearly geared to the writer. I will restate my opinion from the first time that Gloria asked me to her blog. First, have a website or blog. Then worry about the rest.

The problem is “the rest” is a very long list of choices. Sometimes, I’ll think I’m on top of my game and then a statement will hit me like a train. For instance, I attended a workshop for my day job in higher education. The presenter stated that a certain well-respected and sizable university did a survey of students to find out about their social media usage. I’m interested in this information because I would assume that this group includes readers. Remember when MySpace was the new hot thing? I don’t want to be left behind thinking that Facebook is THE place to be. A majority of the students answered that they use Bebo. I thought, “Huh? What the heck is Bebo?” Just because this university loves Bebo, does that mean I should be on it as well? I checked it out and saw that it looked a lot like Facebook.

Ultimately, I decided that I won’t join Bebo for now. I do think it’s important to know about the choices and to keep it on your radar. The presenter mentioning Bebo really impacted me because of the age group using it. All I’m saying is keep your eyes and ears open for tools that will work best for you. Just the other day, Jessica Aspen (who blogs at http://jessicaaspen.com/blog-2/ ) checked on me because she sent me a Triberr invitation months ago. She wanted to make sure I had my blog feed settings in correctly because she had nothing to promote for me. Confession: I had resisted Triberr. I assumed that it functioned like Hootsuite. I like Hootsuite. I whined to Jessica via email. Will it do this and that? I was too stubborn to read instructions. Then Jessica took a couple of minutes to explain the function of Triberr. “It’s not for retweeting,” she said. She explained it simply. Then *bliiiiinnng*. The light switched on, and I was in awe of her wisdom. Yeah. Shield your eyes. It was a pretty bright light.

Hey, I think I might like Triberr after all. I’m the newbie there, so we’ll see. I’ll let you know.

Here’s the bottom line. Look at the audience you are trying to engage. Choose the most popular tool and don’t overload yourself. Also pick something that fits your personality. Stay open to new tools. Take advice from others. Jessica Aspen knew I’d like Triberr. She’s such a smart cookie. I’m a regular blogger at my place, www.brindaberry.com/blog.html . I have posts that can be shared on social media.

Like posting photos that you take while maneuvering through life? Tumblr and Instagram work well for that. Already know how Facebook works because you’ve had a personal profile for years? Create an author page. Maybe you’d rather have conversations in quick, short bursts. Twitter is your answer. Want to do more networking with professionals in the business? Linked In can serve that purpose. Only care about networking with readers? Goodreads or Shelfari may be the best place for that.

I usually hate stereotypes, but I thought the following infographic says a lot about the audiences on social media. What if social media were a high school? Flowtown.com posts a lot of great information about social media and they kindly give bloggers the code to embed their graphics.

Class Of 2011: If Social Media Were a High School
Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

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