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Today’s post is an in-the-moment happy-dance celebration for THE Sharon Clare

Amazing writer, friend, and – – as of today – – published author.

[Cue KAZOO TRILL! Cue Bongo Drums! Cue Castanets!]

Yes, it’s true.

Her talent, her sweat, her determination finally yielded what Sharon has long dreamed about. Love of her Lives debuts today.

[Cue shimmy-shake-jingles of my new belly-dance belt!]

Pictures! I have pictures!

These are from the BBQ Sherry had at her house, where I met some of her amazing friends.

*Frantic waves to amazing friends!*


Here we have Sherry,  a mere hour before said BBQ, making the ultimate hostess sacrifice.

Taste-testing the frosting for our Banana Bread Cake.

Like the King’s taster, she wanted to make certain it wasn’t tainted.

[Pssst. Don’t tell her, but I gave her cats, Lily and Tucker, a pre-lick before turning the bowl and spoon over to her.]

She kept fussing about something hairy on her tongue throughout dinner. I chose to keep my wee secret lest she pack my bags and send me across the border before I collected my fair share of U’s.


Aha! I’ll bet some of you approach this section thinking I plan a Big Reveal — a dicey snippet about Sherry.

I won’t name names. You know who you are.

The reason I’m not naming names, then?

Because I have no clue who might have taken that long and twisted road.

It has nothing to do with discretion.

But my brain and fingers digress [again]

En route to Toronto, I stopped in Buffalo, New York to pick up Carole St-Laurent, who flew from South Carolina to join us for a week. Carole is Sweet Submission.

And, yes, there is a story that goes with that name.

Carole is French Canadian with an accent that caused my Texas-born husband to lean back in his chair one day and say, “I don’t understand a damn word you just said, but you sure are cute.”

When Carole spent a week at my home for a Margie Lawson Immersion Master Class, she frequently took control of the kitchen.

On one such occasion, she separated eggs and whipped the yolks into a light yellow froth. Aforementioned enamored husband wandered past where Carole stood, looked at the concoction in her bowl and asked, “How did you do that? Get the eggs to look like that?”

Her answer?

“I whipped them into sweet submission.”

He mumbled to himself when he walked away. No. I won’t share what he said.

Carole will forever be known as Sweet Submission in my home.


When the iced Banana Bread cake was ready, I carefully airbrushed replicas of the covers of Sharon Clare’s Love of Her Lives and another soon-to-be-published author (Urve Tamberg’s, The Darkest Corner of the World) onto the cake.

One part of that last sentence is untrue.

I leave it to your astute imagination to guess which part.

It was a beautiful cake.

It was a wonderful party.

So, Sharon, congratulations on the official release day of Love of her Lives.

Urve Tamberg & Sharon Clare

Urve, I look forward to the not-so-distant date when I can order and read your YA Historical. Sherry, I can’t tell you what an honoUr it’s been to share your home and your friends.

I’ll be back soon with the links to purchase Sharon’s book. I first want to surprise her with this just-because post to acknowledge The Big Day.

I’ve read the advance copy. [Nanner, Nanner.]

If you love a good love story. If you love to read to escape reality with a page-turner. If you love laugh-out-loud one-liners and dry wit. If you love steam, you will love this read. And, you will skedaddle over to that link to purchase the book.


Links: Amazon.com
Google Play  for an epub file
It’s available wherever AWESOMESAUCE books are sold.