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We INTERRUPT Brinderly Scheduled Programming…

Gloria Richard has been located and chained to a dining room chair in the breakfast nook at Sherry Isaac’s house near Toronto. She will not be fed or watered until she posts an update on her condition. Her brain remains on vacation.

You will be returned to Brinda after this announcement from Globular Traveler, Gloria.

Stop Pushing Me! 

[flip-floop, flip-floop, flip floop…skittle, skittle, skittle, skittle]


I have been hog-tied Shnorty-fried in the Land of the U Hogs. To your left  is a picture of Sherry Isaac’s writing mascot, Shnorty.

I drove my writing pal, Won-Key, from Texas to Toronto to (1) spend quality time with Shnorty, and (2) apply for Political Asylum.

[Pssst. Don’t tell the En Es Eh or the See Eye Eh that Won-Key is here. He had a bit of a dust up with Starbucks over their no-they-are-not-free bananas.]

The last time I cavorted with writer pals Carole St. Laurent, Sharon Clare, and (of course) Sherry, they gave me sixty minutes to write a post. This was the post in which I had three epiphanies (!). One of those epiphanies was…

[Prepare to be shocked.]

I have no big toenails.

If you’re nosy curious, here’s a handy link to that post. In that post, Fred (right toe) mourned the loss of Ginger (left toe).

In honoUr of that day — I bring you a Fred and Ginger encore.

Putting on toenails was the least I could do to prove I’m not a crazy, wacky American.

So, naturally, that’s all I did…

…and plan to do.

I will post a series beginning tomorrow soon titled Adventures of the Traveling Underwear Writer’s Hat.

You have been warned.

Until then, I leave you in the wise and savvy and sane hands of Brinda Berry.

My new theme? It’s only a B-L-O-G when Brinda’s here!

A Delicious Page for You- by Brinda Berry

I enjoy talking about social media and technology. I think you may have guessed this by now. I rate a 10 on the geek scale and will try to convince everyone that there is a tool out there for you. I occasionally do presentations on social media in my day job and had a great time last week teaching a group of instructors and administrators about marketing with social media. They loved this video from Erik Qualman that illustrates the enormous impact of social media in our society.

In doing presentations,  I have gone “green.” Some of my participants are disappointed that I don’t give them a stack of handouts. I hand them a business card and ask each person to write this address on the back: http://delicious.com/brindab .

my Delicious social bookmarking home page

The Delicious website is a place for social bookmarking. I have an account and save links of presentations, blogs, and websites for others to access. I have links that I can then save into virtual binders called “stacks.”

Want to see some of the best examples of Facebook brand photos that grace the top of a business page? I saved a link to http://www.slideshare.net/bulentkeles/50-branded-facebook-cover-photos on my Delicious page. We discussed what we liked about the examples and how there is a strategy to selecting a great photo for the top of the Facebook business page.

tags on my Delicious social bookmarking pageHow can an author use the Delicious social bookmarking tool? For writing, you could save links for researching your WIP and save them in a STACK (another term for binder on Delicious). For social media, you could share your favorite blogs and links as I’m doing now.

<-  It’s important to tag your links you’ve saved where you can click on a term anytime you want to see all your saved links on one topic.

So, check out my Delicious page if you’re curious: http://delicious.com/brindab . I’ve been using this social bookmarking site since November 2009 and think it’s deliciously easy.

Brinda Berry, Author

BIO: Brinda lives in the southern US with her family and two spunky cairn terriers. She’s terribly fond of chocolate, coffee, and books that take her away from reality.

Whisper of Memory cover
Whisper of Memory Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/PbZ_cjGsjA8