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Most anal organized bloggers have day-of-the-week themes for their blogs. I follow many and think, I wonder if they’d ghost write for me sell me a clue?



“It’s supposed to be fun!” they say.

And, it is – – when it’s an in-the-moment impulsive response to external stimuli.

[A fancy-schmancy way of saying “when something funny or redunkulous comes on my radar screen.”]

“Oh,” says writing buddy, Sherry Isaac, from Canada (The Land of The U Hogs). “Nothing to write about, eh?”

[Sherry rarely uses “eh”, which is very annoying. I’m trying to master the language before I cross the border in TWENTY-SIX SLEEPS!.]

“No. I’ve got lots of ideas written in one of my notebooks. Somewhere. It wasn’t a posting day when the idea hit me. Now, it’s a posting day and the idea has the flu.”

I have kicks-my-butt, Brinda Berry, guesting every other Wednesday on my blog glob. It’s only a B-L-O-G on the sane days, The Day of the Regular Post.

She would normally be here today. “So, why isn’t she?” you don’t ask, so I ask for you.

[You’re welcome]

Thanks Fungorilla.com!

Because, she’s the one who noticed hers was the last post on this site.

Her Cairn Terriers probably have more balance than I have.


That’s when I thought…

I need A ROCKING good fib reason for my irregular, erratic, woefully dysfunctional glob schedule.

So there I sat, kicking around creative fibs reasons, when the truth bonked me on the noggin.

I prefer the week-of-the-day approach. It’s a personal preference: a potayto/potahto, good reason/lame excuse, topic-of-the-day/day-of-the-topic thing.

This is a week. Today is a day. Any day is a glob waiting to happen. I looked in the mirror this morning and commanded: You are a glob today

*I think I meant that in a good way.*

The topic did not come to me immediately. It happened when I was in a deeply medicated meditative state. Yoga. Surely one of those impossibly body-bending positions would drop pearls of wisdom from wherever they’re stored.

There I was, in the whatchamacallit position, pondering whether or not I should get a pedicure (yes), when I realized interviews with members of my Yoga class offered a plethora of opportunities.

Thanks Bixbi.blogspot.com


He’s taking Yoga as a means of finding the hangy-downs that seem to have gone missing.

I don’t know what happened. They were there until that cold winter day when they took me for a ‘little ride‘.

I think they’re just stuck

Reaction to the cold and all.

Studly dudes, you know what I mean, right?

Thanks Fropki.com


DUDE, get a grip!

On reality.

Take of lick!

They aren’t there, and they ain’t coming back.

I had a little wiener, with mini-melon balls, but I could hump my stuffed Teddy Bear with the best of ’em.

She said, “you go under that fence one more time and you’re getting clipped.” I thought she meant a hair buzz. That would have grown back. This? Not happening.

Funny Free Pics.Blogspot.com


Yeah, well your DUDEliness is the reason I had to sit around the house like this once a month.

I heard all about it on the street – – unwanted pregnancy, homeless pups.

Papa Dog meanders home after being all in my business, slurps up his breakfast, belches, and takes a snooze.

I had elective surgery. So, even if you still had your stuff, you wouldn’t stuff it near me.

Thanks somethinamazing.blogspot.com


I’m glad you’re DUDE-LESS WONDERS.

The joy of letting it all hang out on a cool floor on a hot summer day….


You have no idea how good my Vajayjay* feels right now.

*Shout out to Jenny Hansen for our clean word of the day. She most recently used it in a HILARIOUS post. You MUST read it! Click here! for the first in this series. And here for the second.*

Thanks FunnyFunda.com


I speak with the voice of experience.

I think you’re all knuckle-heads for making such a big deal out of this whole balls business.

I used to feel it, too. Then, Yoga showed me the way to true serenity.

If I want some Moe and Joe going on, I make it myself.


And, that’s when the truth knocked he on the noggin. I should and can post when an idea happens and the mood is right.

So, how about you? I know some find glee in the regular blog schedules — it shows in the quality of your writing. When I click on your link, I know what type of read awaits me because you’re always game on (!). For this, I hate envy you.

Is my concern over irregular posts – – willy-nilly, twice a week, once-a-week, when it suits me a bad choice? Is it a case of that quote from Eleanor Roosevelt (quoted by Psychological Sizzle and Wildflower, Sherry Isaac, in her recent post titled Who’s Holding the Pen?)

“You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.”

Or, could it be a character flaw rearing it’s ugly head. One I’ve had since childhood. “Don’t tell me what I have to do or can not do.

Why? Because, I’ll do exactly the opposite.”

Leave a comment! And, for all that is good and kind within you, please don’t tell me you don’t give a flying flip when I post. It’s the only directive I can follow without getting hives.

IMPORTANT B-L-O-G UPDATE: (aka “I can add what I want when I want just because…)

My glob touches on the light side of a topic that Megan MM Mitcham recently posted titled The Obstacle Course Called Life. It is a rocking, emotive, and HEA article about gratitude for what we have and reaching out – – even when we’re fearful – – to make a difference in the life of another living creature.