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I love wonky pictures on my site.

Granted, the most popular pictures have been those I snapped in the Loo at Bucca de Beppo.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my guest to pose for a post titled Book for You in the Loo.

She thinks a published author launching her second in a series should demonstrate proper decorum.

The only faults I find with the image provided by guest Hildie McQueen is that she does not appear to have her pinky finger extended.

And, the image is far too sane for a writer on a blog tour with Desperate Surrender, the second Protector Novel.

Yes, yes, and yes. I will provide a book image, links to Hildie’s site, and a giveaway opportunity later. First, let’s get to know a bit about that prim and proper i Write Romance chick.

Q: If you had to title “life” since release of Desperate Surrender, what working title would you use?

My Life in the Fast Lane. Okay I’m in the slow lane, but keeping up with traffic.

[Cue sound of Hildie’s tour bus squishing me with a June bug splaaaat.]

Q: Erm. Yes. I can see how that would be a problem.*eyes, roll* What do you hear from those of us who are insanely jealous of awed by your second successful release. First, Desperate Betrayal, followed by a novella teaser, Desperate Choices, for your second novel, Desperate Surrender.

Everyone wants to be me. No really they tell me that all the time. “Oooh Hildie If only I had your status, your energy, your organization skills.”

[NOTE to SELF: Find better hiding spot for diary.]

My response is should be, “Why thank you, I am quite an accomplished, energetic and organized writer.”  But instead I stare at them with a blank expression.  In reality I am none of those things.  Well, kinda, sorta am a bit of them, but let me clarify muddle through and explain it.

Status.  I have bazillions, lots of friends.  Why?  I think it’s because I love people.  I really enjoy talking and the poor souls have reached the conclusion that “if we can’t beat her, we might as well join her.”

I love to do fun and even boring things for my friends, with no expectations for “pay backs.”  And, when one does that an interesting surprising thing happens. They will support you wholeheartedly.

Energy.  I was blessed with a vibrant personality chemical imbalance. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).  Which is a good thing, when medicated. Otherwise, my brain bounces all over the place.  In my strange world, keeping busy relaxes me.  If I sit idle for too long I explode get sad.  Strange, huh?

Organization.  Part of GAD is some compulsive behavior.  I am not inherently organized, I just love am obsessed with planners and making lists.  Which, in turn, makes me remember stuff.

[I am so inviting Hildie and/or her credit card to an afternoon teeter-along at Staples when we next meet. Squee!]

Lastly I am going to plug the fruit of my loins, brains, imagination.  Please check out the latest in my Protector Novels, Desperate Surrender, you can take a gander at the first chapter on Amazon, then there is the little button you lick… oops!…I mean click.  That pops it right to your reading device. I invented it!

Bop over to Hildie’s Blog for a blurb that will make you want to both lick and click the button.

Great news! Hildie has purchased a helipad for my helicopter…

What? No helipad? No helicopter? Ooooh…

You said RAFFLEcopter. And I can’t even enter the Raffle?

What am I left with?

Oh, right.

Living vicariously through the eyes and libido of the protagonist in Desperate Surrender.

Giveaway:  $10 Starbucks Gift Card and 3 free copies of my e-Novella Desperate Choices!

Don’t miss this one! It’s a prequel novella to Desperate Surrender!

Two full length novels apparently weren’t enough for GAD about Hildie.

[NOTE TO SELF: Find documents confirming I have GAD to dispel potential rumors I stole this from Hildie. I so want to use this word play in future globs B-L-O-G-S.]

And, NOW, for the Heli RAFFLEcopter to enter and win one of those prizes.

[Cue solemn, hushed voice of a News Talking Head barely able to contain his glee over having more air time sorrow over the crash-and-burn before lift-off of a blog-o-sphere icon: The RAFFLECOPTER]

Interrupting our regularly scheduled programming…

We have just learned the beloved RAFFLECOPTER was doomed before take-off by evil WordPress Grinches Glitches. Enter a comment below and your name will be entered in the drawing. OR, late breaking news, Link to Brinda Berry’s blog to comment and officially enter there.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled program: Making Novel History.


Hildie McQueen was born in Baja California, Mexico and lived there until her American father finally convinced her Mexican mother to move to the US.  They moved and Hildie grew up in Southern San Diego not too far from the US/Mexico border.

After spending many years moving all over the country and Europe first as a soldier and later as a government worker, she finally settled in Augusta, Georgia, where she now lives with her handsome husband Kurt and two unruly Chihuahuas.

For fun Hildie wrote stories for her closest friends’ eyes only. On a whim she was kidnapped by a girlfriend and taken to a Georgia Romance Writer’s meeting in Atlanta, where the romance writer bug bit her.  Now Hildie’s friends have to pay to read her writing!




TWITTER @HildieMcQueen

MEGA thanks, Hildie for giving me the opportunity to showcase your wit and your new release on Gloria Richard Writes.

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