The tips Brinda Berry shares are so uber fantastic, I wish they were on my blog.

What? Follow that tiny flashlight you’re shining in my eyes? Um. Okay. The day of the week? Well, I’m pretty sure it’s the day after yesterday, which would make it…

Wait a minute! Why are you putting dots of goop on my head? What are those suction cups? Wait a minute! Wait a minute! I remember now. I remember it all.

Today is Thursday. Yes. Thursday, the 17th of May.

And, it’s the day after Brinda Berry posts her bi-weekly fantabulicious* techie guru wisdom on my blog. MY blog. See?

*[Step away from the suction cups. I know fantabulicious is not a real word.]

Okay, readers. Looks like I have some issues to manage with these we’re-here-help people in white coats. Why don’t I turn this post over to the person you came to visit?

A day late and a million clues short, I bring you the lovely, wise, and wonderful, Brinda Berry!


Graphics 104 or The Last Dance with Graphics- by Brinda Berry

Doing a series on graphics has been a lot of fun for me. Why? Because I’m not a graphics guru. I’ve been sharing the neat little tricks that can save you some time and money. I think, “If I can do this, anybody can.” If all this gives you a headache and makes you groan, then forego a couple of Starbucks double caramel macchiatos and hire someone to do graphics work for you. I’ll give you a couple of links at the end of the post.

Tip #1. How to know the size of a graphic you want to replace.

a) I use the Google Chrome browser. If you use Chrome, right-click on the image and click Inspect Element. The size will flash on the screen. It will also display in the right corner box.

b) If you use Internet Explorer, right-click and then click on Properties. Try this on Gloria’s banner at the top of the page and you’ll see the dimensions of 960 X 260 pixels.

Tip #2. Getting rid of a background in a photo.

Have a great photo of you but need to get rid of the ex-husband at your side? There’s a solution. No, I don’t have an ex-husband photo. I don’t even have an ex-husband.  I’ll just use a random photo from my computer.

I took this photo with my iPhone.  It was my old phone and didn’t really take great photos. My new iPhone takes much better ones. Imagine if I’d had my actual camera with me.  I thought this statue was the coolest thing ever. It was stuck behind an escalator in the lobby of a coliseum. What if I wanted to use it for graphic and didn’t want the background? I completed the next process in approx. 15 minutes.

werewolf statue

1)In Pixlr.com, use the Editor software. Open an image from your computer.

2)Click on pink ERASER tool from left floating toolbar.

3) Look at floating menu with different size eraser heads, etc. Choose different size according to detail you need. Also be aware that you can go to the menu bar at the top and click View to Zoom In and Zoom Out.

4) I used the Paint bucket tool and put a color in where the background was erased. Notice that you see little white spots and outline where I didn’t erase well. I would need to fix this before having a finished product.

5) Look at the floating toolbar at the left and you’ll see a paintbrush tool. I used it to touch some of my messy stuff.  To illustrate an end result,  I quickly stuck Mr. Werewolf on a banner and added some text. Remember that in using the Pixlr.com Editor software, I have three layers in the banner below: text, image, and background.  There’s a little eyedropper tool in the floating toolbar that I used to “grab” the green color in my image and then use to paint (with the bucket tool) on the background.

6) Another handy tool is the lasso tool (also on floating toolbar at left in Pixlr Editor) to drag around an outline and crop elements from an image.

Hiring Someone

I promised to leave you with some links of real graphic designers. I’ve happened across a few people with good prices and lots of talent displayed on their websites.

Kristen at http://kctdesigns.com/?page_id=199

Talina at http://bookinitdesigns.weebly.com/advertising.html

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BIO: Brinda lives in the southern US with her family and two spunky cairn terriers. She’s terribly fond of chocolate, coffee, and books that take her away from reality.

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