I am so accustomed to Brinda using her key to get coffee brewing in my glob-of-a-kitchen every other Wednesday, sometimes I wander out in the mornings and there she is!

Coffee made, paper fetched, hammock swinging with words of wisdom.

Brinda Berry has been a regular on my site since its inception. Posting a weekly and now bi-weekly article designed to bring me up-to-speed on the many venues for an internet presence.

And, this week?

This week, she tells me I can be a star in my own movies.

I may implement this nifty new tool as soon as I complete certain advance tasks:

  • Get teeth professionally whitened,
  • De-wonkify hair,
  • Find something to teach or talk about that I’d want recorded on the net forever,
  • Get eyebrows waxed, and
  • Exercise the winter fluff from my around my middle so I fit in my HOT Midnight & Magnolias dress, because
  • My video library  may include Therapeutic Benefit of Dancing Alone in Public.

With that, I am pleased to turn this post over to Brinda.

She begins her post with words I muttered when I saw it.

You Mean There’s More?

You can’t do everything in social media. At least I can’t. But there are some sites that are helpful to you as a writer. One site that I’ve touted in earlier posts as a research tool is YouTube.  I also use it for social media purposes.

YouTube allows you to upload videos to your account and store them for public, limited, or private viewing. I know a lot about this because I talk with teachers about creating a YouTube channel where students can subscribe to it. It therefore focuses the exposure of your viewer to what you upload.  I have two channels. I have a channel that I use in my day job and a more personal channel that I use for my author social media. My author channel is brin145’s Channel and can be found at http://www.youtube.com/user/brin145?feature=mhee

What’s on my channel? There are sixteen public videos as of 3/3/2012. You can go check it out and see that my book trailer for The Waiting Booth is stored there. I also have a series of videos that I recorded during a public workshop hosted by my state RWA group, the Diamond State Romance Authors (see video below). The part I have posted addresses why writers get rejected and payment expectations. I took a trip to a castle construction site and recorded video. Those are also on the channel and I embedded them in a blog post where I talked about my trip.

So You Think You Want To Be A Writer, Part 5 of 8

(left to right: Nena Clements, Shayla Kersten, Delilah Devlin, and Elle James)

I have 2 subscribers at this time. Anyone who is a member of YouTube can subscribe. A famous individual or group would certainly have tons of subscribers (similar to followers on other social media sites). I obviously haven’t tried to build my subscriber list, but I recently added the YouTube icon to my social media page on my website at http://www.brindaberry.com/social-media.html . I already had the channel on YouTube so it only made sense that I should add the access with the icon.

After I have a backlist of books with trailers, interviews, and book signing appearances, it might be cool for a reader to have all my videos in one place.  I have big goals, so I’m putting my foundation in place on YouTube. For now, YouTube is a great place to store my videos and share links or embed on blog and other sites. I have two videos in addition to the sixteen that I uploaded this weekend and are marked unlisted.  I’m waiting to unveil them. Someday, I’ll probably have hundreds of videos on my channel.  Are you interested in having a YouTube Channel? If so, let me know that you’d like a future post to address the technical features in YouTube. 

BIO: Brinda lives in the southern US with her family and two spunky cairn terriers. She’s terribly fond of chocolate, coffee, and books that take her away from reality.


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