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Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away…

Oh. Wait! Lovely Beatles ballad, but not on topic.

“WHAT IS THE TOPIC?” you ask.

Excellent question!

The topic today is SQUEE-KEY and his journey of 1,481 miles to the faraway Land of U Hogs–Canada.

WARNING, FARAWAY LAND OF CANADA: SQUEE-KEY journal entries will honoUr your enviable spelling paradigm during his walk.

I believe it’s important to turn not-so-fun-thought-bubble-goals into virtual dances in my heart, on my feet, and between my ears.

ColoUrful side-kicks enhance the fun.

A quest began yesterday with Piper Bayard’s snort-worthy blog on Funny Stuff We Found at Walgreens.

She and her lovely fourteen-year-old daughter played Carpe Diem in a Walgreens when they found one redunkulous product on the shelves. Where there is one, there must be more, right? Where there are more, there must be a Picture Party waiting to happen, right?

I L-O-V-E Piper’s humoUr. If you haven’t already read this column, here’s the link again. Right here!

Squee-Key and I await your return.

After reading Piper’s post, I asked for, and received permission to steal her idea. That’s a post for another day.

However, her article sent me on a search for a fun buddy to share the virtual journey to Toronto, where Sherry Isaac (my real friend and imaginary next-door-neighboUr) lives.

My car drove itself to a store I’ve always wanted to visit: The LIFE IS GOOD ® store.

It’s a glee-requisite to visit a store with a registered trademark on LIFE IS GOOD ®.


His little back paw has LIFE IS GOOD stitched on it.  The round tag on his ear says,


*Do what you like * Like what you do *

*Optimism can take you everywhere*

I had to have him.

LIFE IS GOOD.com on-line storeI think he was pleased that I picked him.

All the baby-blue monkeys may look alike to the untrained eye. But, this little guy had an I’m-with-you smile.

We both went to The Academy to purchase a pedometer to track of our journey of 1,481 miles.

After we agreed on a pedometer, we returned to STARBUCKS.

And emailed this picture to Sherry with a SQUEE! (for glee) as the subject.


Sherry Isaac is brilliant. She suggested the name: SQUEE (for glee) and KEY (because this baby blue fluff of plush reminds me of the day I discovered optimism is the KEY to happiness in my many quests.)


One of my many quests was to get back into my regular exercise routine. I plan to work out at the gym four days (minimum) per week. One essential part of my workout includes cardio–high intensity, interval-on-a-ten-percent-incline cardio, followed by a brisk walk at five percent. This session usually logs three miles, two ARGHS, and one epiphany.

One of those epiphanies was to keep track of the HIGH intensity miles logged on the treadmill PLUS the steps I take OUTSIDE my house.

THANK YOU, Jonathan at  MY STARBUCKS #6394

SQUEE-KEY is taking a virtual walk to Toronto, Canada (1,481 miles) and will report progress periodically in a column titled WHERE IN THE WORLD IS SQUEE-KEY.

I’ll publish our route in a later post. If any of my buddies (virtual or real-life) want to meet Squee-Key at a STARBUCKS en route, let me know.

Brinda Berry plans to catch up with him near Little Rock, AR and will send a picture of how he’s doing.

So, THAT’S how I plan to turn my health-conscious goal into a game.

  • Keep track of those high-intensity miles on the treadmill (I’ll need them for the mountains between here and Toronto), and…
  • Use my nifty new pedometer to track miles walked OUTSIDE of the house, because…
  • Tracking steps to-and-from the loo, the bedroom, the fridge, the television should not count, and…
  • Arrange for Squee-Key to meet as many buddies as we can find en route to Toronto.

SO, how about you? Do you play game with your goals? Think about turning those Blechs into Squees? Have I lost my marbles again? Share your thoughts or just say hi. It’s time to tie on my shoes and tuck my pedometer in my jeans pocket.