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Silent. Insidious. Debilitating. FEAR.

I don’t know whether it was the cosmos, the stars or coincidence that brought fear in many facets to my blog reads this week.

I don’t care why or how I chose to read and internalize them.

I’m simply grateful the words met and danced with my brain cells. Why?

Because two blog posts inspired me to collect my goal marbles, pull them back into the circle, and examine my game strategy.

Examine? SNORT! Initiate a game strategy, more like.


I have three copies of a journal I LOVE.

Why three?

Certainly not because the first two brimmed with words-of-wisdom my grandchildren would read one day. Pages with edited words and imperfect penmanship bit the recycle-bin bullet.

[For the record, I have excellent penmanship and a Handwriting Certificate from the Martinsburg, PA. Elementary School Principal to prove it.]

Mark D. Sanders & Tia Sillers

So, I bought another journal. And now I have three.

At the age this picture was taken, I remember two thumb-sucking* fears that caused bedtime angst.

The first fear? It was the summer before third grade. The Year of Long Division. Doomed! I did not know anything about long division. Disaster! Destined to fail third grade.

The second fear? My mother would turn thirty on her next birthday. Thirty! Ancient! She was old! About to keel over! Who would make and iron our clothes? Who would feed us?

*I sucked my thumb until third grade. Most likely because of the monumental catastrophes ’round the next bend. Psychologist today might suggest it was a result of mom leading the baby-a-year club for four years. She was right about my teeth, tho’. They have a slight Bugs Bunny appeal.


My grown-up (assuming I have) substitute for managing fear sneaked up on me in the Pretty Pink alliterative guise of Perfectionism and Procrastination. Throw on some “I’m not good enough” tap-dance shoes and you have the requisite trappings for…


Misdirected energy, ill-advised thinking-about-it, and tardy it-will-happen-tomorrows.

Those ROW80 goals that earned accolades? I fear looking at them. I fear reporting on them. Because I procrastinated and achievements lag far behind goals.

So, I’ve been craftily silent on the ROW80 hops. If I don’t dip my oar in those murky reporting waters, who will notice?


I notice.

I send myself spiraling into a Fred-and-Ginger-worthy tap-dance-twirl that made them famous and me just plain nauseous.

Tomorrow, I plan to lay it all out. Right here. In public. *gasp*

Take those goals Sherry Isaac examined in her Wednesday post in my hammock. Evaluate, revise, get ready for some boot scootin’.

And, why is it different today than last Sunday, two or three or four Sundays ago?

Because I found inspiration of the !!!! level in two rocking posts.


Many blogs inspired this week, but two rocked my world and I choose to share them with you today. Don’t take these excerpts alone. Do yourself a favor and link over to these sites to read the full posts. They are incredible and motivating.

AUGUST McLAUGHLIN (Writer, Journalist and author of IN HER SHADOW) interviewed Filmmaker Diane Israel on Beauty, Healing & Feeling to be Free.

Following is one of many excerpts I found profound and moving:

AM: What can we do to help make the world we live in a more accepting place—where we accept not only others, but our selves? 

DI: Start with yourself end with yourself. Then get out of yourself and serve. Remember how awesome you are, that you were born awesome and you will die awesome. This acceptance of everything that you are, the entire package, will serve you well. What are you becoming? What are you living with this one wild and precious life?

Click here to read the full post.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I choose to do more than suck my thumb for the rest of my life.

After that kick into gear, I ran across another post about facing down fears and getting on with living and learning and achieving.

This one was a post by Angela Orlowski-Peart on how she overcame her old fear of skiing. Click here for the full article. This is the excerpt that moved me into action.

One time down the slope and it all came back to me. But this time I felt happy, relaxed and I believed in myself. I knew that my mental block was gone, replaced by willingness to learn and experience more. I was ready to take this to the whole new level.


Will these words stay with me? I hope so. I know they moved me to examine where I am today with my goals and what self-defeating behaviors hold me back. I know they caused me to look back at those thumb-sucking days when irrational fears didn’t hold me back. That mother of mine (who did not kick the bucket at thirty) drilled one phrase into all five of her daughters. “You can do whatever you set your mind to do.”

So, how about you? Did you find these quotes helpful? Are there silent-but-deadly fears lurking in your life, separating you from your dreams? LEAVE A COMMENT and let me know what’s on your mind. We LOVE to hear from you!

Oh! Out of not-so-idle curiosity…

Did you think the title led down a different topic path? I chose it on purpose. Because I’m goofy crafty goofy that way.