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BRINDA BERRY announces and explains a TWITTER PARTY.

If that first sentence made you want to toss your cookies cover your head and go back to bed, PLEASE stay with us.

Be brave and read on. I did. That belly button lint will be there when you finish, right?

Brinda explains ALL about those TWEET-FESTS and TWITTER PARTIES I read about, but never understood. I thought I was a social misfit. Or, addled.

But, Brinda explains it in non-techie language. How to host one. How to attend one. What in the heck they are anyway.

What a HOOT! SWEET deal!

Yeah. Busted. I played with my words before breakfast. On a half-caffeinated brain.

Slinking away now and turning the Hammock over to THE BRINDA BERRY!

Twitter Chats and Parties

I’m Brinda Berry and a guest at Gloria’s place today. She’s invited me to regularly come into her blog and make myself at home. Well, I came prepared to P-A-R-T-Y! Oh…not here. We’re going to have a party on Twitter.

If you haven’t been involved in Twitter, I can understand why. It may seem very different from Facebook in that there are so many strangers out there. And they’re talking to each other about random topics.  But that’s not necessarily true. Twitter chats and parties are for interacting about a certain topic.  If you’d like to see a schedule of Twitter chats, click here to access a Google spreadsheet with 500+ established chats (as of 2/8/2012).

Every Wednesday night, a group that I belong to called YALitChat holds a virtual dinner party online called a Twitter chat. People converse about a predetermined topic in the young adult literature/publishing arena. You don’t have to be a member of YALitChat in order to participate or benefit. That’s the beauty of Twitter. You show up and you’re welcomed by the group.

Here’s a view of what you will see if you are involved in the YALitChat party in my favorite Twitter tool, Hootsuite. This is from Wednesday night’s chat on this topic: February 1 – Trends – What are the current trends in YA and should you follow suit? YALitChat posts the topics on their website HERE.

I use Hootsuite while interacting on Twitter and it’s a great tool for managing my lists and searches (called Streams on Hootsuite). I have a “Stream” dedicated to YALitChat.  Look at the hashtag (#yalitchat) at the end of each tweet to see how they all funneled into my YALitChat stream in Hootsuite.

You don’t have to use Hootsuite to be able to see the stream of tweets with a certain hashtag. If you use Twitter.com, you can go to the Search box at the top of the Twitter screen, type in the hashtag to search (ie. #yalitchat or #ridingwolf) and it will bring up the recent tweets containing that hashtag. Then click on the button “Save this search”.  When you go back to the Twitter Home screen, you will access the “Searches” tab to see the hashtag. Click on it to stream all the related tweets.

Another terrific choice for joining in on a Twitter chat/party is to use Twubs.com. There’s a place to login with your Twitter ID on the right. Once you login,  you can put any hashtag (try #yalitchat or #amwriting) and it will show you all the conversations around that hashtag.  You can interact by sending a tweet in the “Tweet this Twub” box at the top. If you have already put in a hashtag in the box at the very top, it will add that hashtag for you.  You can rest your cursor over the tweet from another person and Reply, Retweet, or Direct Message.

So, here is your OFFICIAL invitation.

Jessica Aspen is an online friend who will be celebrating her debut release of Little Red Riding Wolf. I’ve offered to host a Twitter party to celebrate.  A Twitter party works in the same way as a Twitter chat. Twitter friends show up at the designated time and tweet together. It’s a party because there are party favors and it’s a celebration.

Find out about Jessica Aspen’s new release, Little Red Riding Wolf on Sat. , Feb 18th at the #ridingwolf Twitter party.

Party Details:

WHEN:  Feb. 18, 7-7:30 pm ET (6-6:30 pm CT; 5-5:30 pm MT; 4-4:30 pm PT)

WHERE: online at Twitter

WHO: Author @JessicaAspen

Hostess @Brinda_Berry

WHAT: Twitter party –  Little Red Riding Wolf Release Party

HOW TO JOIN:  Follow the hashtag #ridingwolf

PRIZES include digital copies of Jessica’s new book!  Please RSVP in the poll below.


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