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Wednesday–the day I wiggle over and let someone else swing in my hammock. Doesn’t matter that my guests choose to flip me out. Splat.

That splat went AWOL this week. Why? Because I failed to invite a guest to post on my site this week. So, it’s the evening of SPLAT day and I lounge in my hammock and wonder.

Fotosearch Platinum

What was I thinking?

A rhetorical question. A question with no answer.

Permit me to restate.

What was I thinking?

This is not a difficult question to answer. N.O. No.

I hide in my hammock because I told Sherry Isaac–my Career Coach, writing buddy, best friend, and frequent blog guest–that I would have a post up before we chatted again.

SO! I shake my brain out of it’s auto-shutdown cycle. It’s my explanation for the blathering disjointed splat opening. My blog. My fib choice.

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Like Molly as a pup, I choose to climb over the seemingly impossible hump to get to the other side. In my case, it’s posting this blog tonight. In Molly’s case, climbing the mountain aka Sister Sydney.

An idea pops into my noggin. Hey! Some classmates from Kristen Lamb‘s current Blogging-to-Build Brand course have not yet established their own blogs. This is an open invitation to those #WANA112 classmates who would like to bring their blog voices to my site.

Then, pop! Another idea!

Recent award tags for Irresistibly Sweet Blog, Versatile Blogger, and Kreative Blogger have yet to be “passed along” to other deserving sites.

The rules for each are to disclose seven to ten facts about yourself people might not already know. I’ve done that. You can read mine here.

The second responsibility is to tag six to ten bloggers worthy of the award; to pass the badge on to others. Let’s get started on sharing the blog love!


I chose this title for blog posts by those BTBBers who don’t yet have their own sites because I remember how it felt to stick my right hand in and shake it all about with my first post, titled LETS DO LaUNCH.

Don’t look for it in archives. It’s not there.

I plead the fifth dumbest thing I’ve done while blogging.

The rules for the Hokey Pokey Blog Posts are simple.

If you are a #WANA112 building your blog, and you want to participate, leave a comment, and email me at gloriarichard dot gloriarichardwrites dot com.

I don’t want to wrap too many “rules” around topics for your posts, but hope we can, together, come up with a thread to pull through all #WANA112 posts. Several writers will be included in each Hokey Pokey Post. You need not write a complete article.

If a common thread epiphany strikes while I sleep tonight, you will be notified.

If you choose to participate, I will make certain we make appropriate announcements to drive traffic to your post. Invite your friends, your family, the sales clerk at the grocery store to pop in for a visit to read your words of wisdom or snarkdom.


For my first round of nominations for the Kreative Blogger Award (awarded to me by Lori Freeland)…

The envelope please. Rip!

Woot!  Lydia Kang’s THE WORD IS MY OYSTER blog (Tagline: “On the craft of writing…with a dropperful of medicine”)

She doodles, proudly displays them on her site, and makes them available to other bloggers SO LONG AS they link back to her site and provide proper credit.

She welcomes FICTION related medical questions. So. No. She could not help me with advice on regrowing big toenails.

Lydia is a member of the Sisterhood of Traveling Blogs. Be sure to click the links when you visit. Or click here for Lydia’s answer on their most recent topic.


And then, we have the Versatile Blog Award (from Jennifer M Eaton and Florence Fois). Woot! Twice on that one.

I’m not worthy.


But, I graciously accept the honor bestowed on my Hammock by these talented and inspirational bloggers. Click on their links and discover what I already know. Their blogs are diverse and they rock their “brand.”


Brinda Berry, published YA Paranormal Author of The Whispering Woods series. Regular visitors to my site likely recognize her name because she occupies the hammock on alternating Wedesdays.

Brinda SO deserves this award because of the variety of content on her site–from YA Paranormal, to tech support, to social media and recommendations for good reads. Today she discusses SteamPunk, a topic so far off my radar screen I  want to grab a walking stick and toddle to the senior citizen center.

Amber West of A Day without Sushi fame.

Amber discusses topics ranging from writing to recipes, cleaning tips, and the hazards of everyday life. To get a sense for the comic within, you MUST visit her post about a recent trip to Mexico. Click here and treat yourself to a HOWL of a story for her memoirs.

Lydia, Brinda, and Amber, I will tweet you with the rules for your badge nominations. Congratulations and keep me in your loops.

That’s three of twenty-seven pending awards. I plan to search, hop and comment. Look for additional nominations in upcoming posts.

THAT’S IT. MY WIGGLE ROOM WEDNESDAY! Leave a comment so I know you were here, and can tweet you if I mention you in an update. PLEASE let me know if you want to participate in the HOKEY-POKEY blog. Come on! It’ll be FUN!  THANKS, as always, for visiting. You guys are the best.