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An Inciting Incident happened on my way to the pub. The Writer’s MEET Contract Pub. It sits on a twisted road between a blank page and a published book.

In January, 2009, I took my first of many Margie Lawson on-line classes, DEFEATING SELF-DEFEATING BEHAVIOuRS (DSDB). The class loop was a cool place to post snarky NYT level assignments and receive feedback from fellow classmates. One of those classmates was Sherry Isaac.

Toward the end of that class, Sherry emailed to suggest we stay in touch. [Insert happy dance emoticon here.] Me? THE Sherry Isaac of SNARKDOM Planet Canada wanted to stay in touch with me? My short answer? Yes! My long answer? EEEEEEEE!

Since that day, we became best friends, trusted critique buddies, career coaches (She’s the coach, I’m Grasshopper), daily write-a-thon partners, and on-line chatters about all things relevant. Nine months later, we met in person at Denver International airport  en route to a Margie Lawson Immersion Master Class.

I love the lyrical voice she brings to the page and her snort-green-tea-on-the-keyboard one-liners. Those two talents are likely why she beat me to the Pub with STORYTELLER, a collection of short stories released in August, 2011.

Raised by Nancy Drew and Jane Marple, Alice Munro Short Story Award winner Sherry Isaac’s novels and short stories weave the common thread of everyday life, love and forgiveness into tales that transcend all things, including the grave. Find Sherry on the web, follow her on Twitter, like her on Facebook and read her blog posts at Romance & Beyond.

So, without further blather, it is my pleasure to welcome Sherry Isaac to my hammock. Splat. NOTE TO SELF: Be prepared when you offer Sherry Hammock time.


Welcome to torture HonoUr your BFF Day at Gloria’s Hammock.

I have, so I’ve been told, been rewarded by committee (Gloria) both the prestigious Kreativ Blogger Award, and The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. How did I earn not one but two great distinctions? Simple. Word count. By making me list  not 7, not  10, but 17 not so interesting facts about moi, Gloria will have a longer post on today’s blog.

Oh! Oh! SO not true. The truth. Sherry had to got to answer five questions yesterday on Hildie McQueen’s blog. With this added seventeen, I hope she digs deep and reveals something embarrassing spectacular!

According to the rules of both awards, I must thank my dungeon master  the person who nominated me. Gloria, mere words cannot express what I feel in my heart at this moment. Snort.

I’m also supposed to post to my blog, but for reasons stated above (word count for Gloria) my post appears here. So, ready or not…

  1. I live in constant dread that I may one day emerge from a ladies room with my skirt tucked into the waistband of my pantyhose.
  2. I believe you can dance The Swim to any music.
  3. I used to twirl baton.
  4. I excel at folding fitted sheets. Those little cornered pockets make it so easy.
  5. My writing mascot, Shnorty, sits on a hallowed corner of my desk.


  6. I was once proposed to by a 90-year-old cab driver on my way to work. (Never missed my bus again.)
  7. My first pet was a horny male Chihuahua named Peanut. I was 7, and convinced, to my mother’s horror, that I’d taught him to dance. Little paws wrapped around my ankle. How cute.
  8. In my imaginary world, guacamole is its own food group. The Hokey Pokey is the national anthem.
  9. I have bottle-fed a baby lion and petted a cheetah.


  10. I do my best writing in the bathtub.
  11. Calls from my husband can still make my heart go pit-a-pat.
  12. I saved babysitting money in time to buy a wide leg pair of jeans the day straight legs came in fashion.
  13. Before I became a writer, I traveled the rodeo circuit. That’s how Gloria and I met, at Margie Lawson’s Rodeo Clown College. Gloria made the HonUr Roll. I passed after 3 sessions of summer school.

    The Back of The Bull--er--Class? No WAY!

  14. I’ve been fortunate to wade in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans as well as the Andaman Sea.
  15. Calculus gives me a headache.
  16. When I was 12, my life plan was to drop out of high school, go to L.A. and marry Sean Cassidy.
  17. I have flown a circle around the world.


Gloria gave no instruction as to how I might adjust the nomination portion of my royal duties. So, I encourage every one reading this blog to share one interesting item about your self in a comment. True or not, I leave to you.

Me again! With one of those annoying info-blathers. “But, wait! There’s more!” For the nomination portion of the hop rules, we collectively have 20 32 lots of blogs to “tag” for the Kreative Blogger and Irresistibly Sweet Awards. So, Sherry and I plan to troll the cyber-hallways (YES, #WANA112 and #ROW80, you are in the mix), to find awesome, inspiring, and/or snort-worthy posts to recommend for the blog hop.

If you’re reading this, leave a comment so we can display our snarkling personalities in our replies know you were here. Drop an interesting tidbit about yourself in the comments section. LOVE that ammunition insight. And, if you have a recommendation for our blog troll, SHARE!