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Yes, I remain on the Row 80 Challenge. No. I did not post an update today.


I want to build a new page for my Row 80 check-ins and I do not want to do that on the day before the Bayard/Lamb 2012 Presidential Campaign holds a URL hall meeting on my site.

Think that’s silly? Scan prior posts. Find a post titled LET’S DO LaUNCH. It’s not there, is it?  I overwrote WordPress gobbled that inaugural post when I put up the second. I take no chances on the day before Piper Bayard and Kristen Lamb arrive.

Thanks to Kristen and the Warrior Writers I met, I enhanced those goals. For starters, I no longer aspire to attend six Warrior Writer Boot Camp meetings during the Challenge. I aspire to attend meetings every Saturday. Yes. They’re that good.


Writers, a weird an eclectic community often do the Hokey-Pokey Bunny Hop. It’s a bit like a chain letter, wherein writers share URLs on interesting sites. That’s how I came to be nominated by SOON-TO-BE-PUBLISHED, good friend, and prolific blogger Jessica Aspen for…

Drum roll, please. What? No drums? But, you have a Kazoo? Perfect.

Toot, toot, ta-toot!

Jessica nominated me for the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award! Thanks, Jessica–Author of LITTLE MISS RIDING WOLF to be released in February, 2012.

In case it’s not yet obvious, I love to pimp promote the victories of my friends–writing and otherwise.

Okay, so here are THE RULES for this award.

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you. (Done!)

2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

3. Pass the Award on to 10 deserving blog buddies.

4. Contact those buddies and let them know.

Okay. So. Already my mind is wondering which of THE RULES I can break bend.


Oh, to have been this popular in High School. I might have been the Prom Queen!


Extremely talented writer, fellow Margie Lawson Fan-a-tic, critique and writing buddy Lori Freeland nominated this site for the Kreative Blogger award.

Thank you, Lori! Your nomination brings out the “I’m not worthy!” in me. This blog is new. There is a reason I enrolled in Blogging-to-Build Brand with Kristen Lamb. It’s not yet what it will be, but your vote of confidence is MOST appreciated.

Kreative Blogger Award:

The rules: 
1. Share 10 things about yourself that readers might find interesting.
2. Pass the award onto 6 other bloggers (be sure to leave a comment on each of the blogs to let them know).

NOW my mind begins an intense hokey-pokey with ways to break bend the rules.

With these two awards, I make a commitment to post seventeen things people might find interesting about me. And, I have sixteen blogs to recommend.


I believe in GO BIG or GO HOME (to hide beneath the bed).

I’ll bite on the seventeen items on this post. Published author, best friend and critique buddy Sherry Isaac and I completed an assignment for Blogging-to-Build-Brand today.(Waving “HI!” to #WANA112 Mates.)

It was a free-writing exercise: 100 things that describe me. I will select seventeen of those to post today.

As for the blogs I want to nominate. There are those I already follow. Many have been nominated by friends and fellow bloggers up-the-line on this hop. I will post links for those sites tomorrow on a FAVORITE BLOGS panel to the right. You can find many of them now under the S’MORE tab.

For the sixteen, I plan to spread my nominations over the next month. I want to take time to find new sites within my #WANA112 and #ROW80 links. I want each blog to have a unique fifteen minutes in the spotlight so readers aren’t overwhelmed by the number of sites. I want to give a brief BLURB on each site as Jenny Hansen, Piper Bayard, Brinda Berry and Kristen Lamb do when they recommend sites.

*Wink* Margie Lawson of Lawson Writing Academy and writing craft fame. That’s anaphora.


  1. I’ve had a lot of Johns in my life. My first love, my first husband, and my current husband are all named John.
  2. I operate a non-profit organization dubbed the Gloria-Richard-Adopt-a-Problem Agency. My mouth opens and unsolicited solutions spew forth until I close my yap and lock my jaws for the day.
  3. I married three people on the same day: my husband, and two grown, well-adjusted stepchildren (John II and Tina). See? Another John. Geesh!
  4. My two grandchildren call me Glowie. The oldest (grandson) was shocked the first time he heard me say “no.” He was about seven.
  5. The books on my many bookshelves are currently organized to color coordinate with nick-knacks on the adjoining shelf space.
  6. I have no big toe nails. For the curious who have not already read about this dilemma, refer to an earlier blog titled Holiday Do-Over Blogfest on December 16.
  7. Sherry Isaac and I compiled a list of rhetorical devices taught by Margie Lawson in her on-line classes and I have them memorized. The list is called RHETt DEVLIShT. I have all of the devices memorized. Yes. I know that’s odd.
  8. My Sudoku Handheld has to be left in a bottom drawer at home when I leave to write at Starbucks. I love all things logic puzzle related.
  9. I snort when I laugh.
  10. I can’t sing worth a flip.
  11. I used to be fluent in Spanish and am currently relearning the language. Marley y Yo is my current “library” read.
  12. I love to dance. Country Western is my favorite. I dance alone in public. Cavender’s Boot City plays great boot scootin’ music.
  13. I want to learn to tap dance. Nothing fancy. Just Good Ship Lollipop level.
  14. A Middle Grade series protagonist lives in my head. She starred in what I thought was a final draft of YA fantasy. It was first draft, and it’s middle grade light fantasy series. Rewrite pending.
  15. My inner editor is a persistent, bossy person named Gracie. She’s like Houdini; has even escaped from a shoe box triple duct-taped and shoved into a dark corner in my closet.
  16. I’m a Holy Roller. My husband and I volunteer to roll breakfast burritos at church one Sunday each month.
  17. When I decided to write romance, I questioned whether I could write a Jennifer Crusie level secks scene. (keeping it “G” rated, guys). I sat at my computer, opened a file, asked myself, “can I write steam?” I did. I can. I am a slut.

Well, THAT was an awkward ending to the list. I did it on purpose. Don’t ask me why. Moving right along…

TONS of fun happening coming up this week. PIPER/BAYARD tomorrow, Brinda Berry returns on Wednesday with a new series and Sherry Isaac is my first tag in the hops. Sherry shares a blog with the awesome Sharon Clare and Carole St. Laurent at Romance and Beyond.

She will guest blog HER deep, dark secrets here on Thursday.

THANKS FOR VISITING! Leave a comment. I LOVE comments.