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Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out…

With this post, I go public with something only my closest friends know. I am easily distracted.

Oooh! Shiny bauble, new idea, interesting article, cool concept, fun…

On a good non-productive day the list goes on ad infinitum.

This doth not a love affair between goals and accomplishments make. Forsooth.

So, here’s the deal. It’s a brand new year. I am EXCITED about this new year. New beginnings. Challenges. Accomplishments. It’s all out there. I will keep my head focused on my goals without killing the glee.

Row 80 is the writing challenge that knows I have a life. It’s the challenge that provides public accountability for writing AND non-writing life. It’s a challenge that gives me permission to put goals out there and adjust them if I find they aren’t working.

ROW 80 GOALS — 2012 (Round One)

  • Actively participate in Kristen Lamb’s BLOGGING TO BUILD BRAND on-line course, devote one hour per day (M-F) *May need to adjust when course begins.
  • Establish and implement blog themes for 2 posts per week *May adjust based on feedback from BTBB.
  • Register to attend DFWCon by January 31
  • Join Warrior Writer Boot Camp; attend a minimum of 6 meetings by March 31
  • Develop and add Life List Club to Site by January 3rd
  • Complete scene outline for WIP and complete conversion to index cards by January 5th
  • Upon completion of above, continue writing WIP in first draft mode (New to me, gang. I edit and polish and fix as I go.) Goal: 1000 words per day.
  • Exercise (aerobic) 3 times per week at club
  • Test 60/60 timed sessions one day per week (60 writing; 60 house chores; 60 writing, etc.)
  • Limit email, blog-hop time to one hour each morning, noon, and evening IF writing goals met by evening.
  • Beta Read book for Joan Swan
  • Read 3 new authors (fiction)
  • Read 3 new craft books
  • Participate in Carole St. Laurent’s First Draft in Thirty Days Workshop in March using MG series.
  • Post Row 80 Updates once each week (Sunday)

SO, THERE YOU HAVE IT. My goals for Round One of Row 80, 2012. For details on how to join click here to read Jenny Hansen’s great overview of the benefits and fun attached to a Row 80 Challenge.

I can’t close without a shout out to Margie Lawson whose Defeating Self-Defeating Behaviors on-line class gave me the skills I need to achieve these goals. It’s not her fault I chose to ignore was slow to implement her advice in my writing life.