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SO! Here is the really cool thing about my Holiday Happenings–I have no clue what I’m doing. Really. So many ideas. So little time.

Brinda Berry (of PIMP MY WEB PRESENCE and published YA Paranormal fame) asked if I would be a guest on her blog. Squee! Interesting. I’ll check my busy blog schedule. Shuffle. Shuffle. Great news! I’m free one seven thirty days this month.

I couldn’t see Brin’s response (we’re on a Brin name basis now), but I’m certain it included a happy dance. In the flutter of emails that followed, we settled on a format for my post on her blog. One suggestion remained dangling in cyberspace. “You should do a blog hop with that idea,” Brin(da) said.

“Nah. You do it. You know all about Winkydinks”

“Linky List,” says Brin. “And, you can do this. Come on! It’ll be fun. You need to step out and do it sometime.”

That woman is little but she’s mighty feisty.

A plethora of emails ensued wherein I tried to weasel her into connive my way out of expose her to the benefits of hosting the blog hop on her own site.

She won.

I followed her suggestion.

Besides, I want a badge to decorate my hammock.

I’ve got a sleigh-full-of-reindeer-pooh to stick my nose into to get ready for the hop. Meet me here next Wednesday to learn all about it.

While you wait for The Grand Unveiling, get your old pics, tiaras and Christmas dance pics ready for The Hop.

Until then, Have a Hoppy Holiday!

EEK! EEE! My interview is up over on Brinda’s blog. Click here to hop over there. It’s a Meme post, which I recently learned is a CyberVille term unrelated to narcissism or self-absorbed behavior. Who knew?

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