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Brinda Berry shows her savvy again. THIS time with Facebook. Mine need help–my face, my book, my FACEBOOK.

I have been a twit for the last month. Not in the TWITTER guru sort of way.

Rather, my twit mode resembles my family room floor at the moment. Taking a quick look around, we have two-year-old lab Molly’s raccoon toy, Molly’s puppy tug rope and her big dog tug rope. Ah! Over by the card table, I see both red and purple Kong Wubba octopi. The Three Dog Bakery primo chew braid rests under her chin.

So many projects (toys to her), so little time focused on one thing. I may will never teach Molly to put one toy away before she takes out another. But, I do control how many projects I handle at one time.

I won’t have Brinda Berry on my site forever (sob!), and I have done a half-bleeped job of implementing her sage counsel.

I made an executive decision this morning to focus on my web presence for as many days as it takes to get up to freeway on-ramp speed. Look for changes here, a stronger presence on Facebook and Twitter lists. And HOLIDAY FUN in December.

In keeping with that commitment, I chose to get Brinda’s post ready tonight so it would be here first thing in the morning. What a concept! I am so glad I did.

Do you know why? No. Not so I can sleep in tomorrow morning. Because Brinda is taking on FACEBOOK in this installment and she has six frigging informative illustrations to insert. If it takes more than a hour to get this post ready to rock, I will let you know lie.

With that monologue, please let me turn the hammock over to Brinda. I have some work to do!


Brinda Berry is the author of The Waiting Booth, a YA fantasy published by Etopia Press. Currently working in higher education administration, she spends her days thinking of ways to improve education for college students. Brinda spends her nights devising exciting tales that involve teens who might be saving the world.

Brinda lives in the southern US with her family and two spunky cairn terriers. She has a BSE in English and French and a MEd in Learning Systems Technology. She’s terribly fond of chocolate, coffee, and books that take her away from reality. Find Brinda :  FACEBOOK ,   TWITTER ,   WEBSITE/BLOG

Facing Facts with Facebook

by Brinda Berry


Gloria has been such a good sport in letting me prod her into trying new things on her blog and on Twitter. This week, I’d like to dissect my own presence on one social media platform— Facebook. Facebook is not my happy place. There…the truth is out. I’ve never interacted much on my personal page; therefore, when I knew I had to make an author page, I cringed. I don’t know why this one is so much harder for me than Twitter. I could tweet for hours if I didn’t restrain myself. Facebook is my social media burden.

I’m trying to learn to love it. (Fake it till you make it mentality.) So, I created a business page, enticed friends/fans to “Like” me, and automated blog post announcements. I occasionally pop in to share a link to something interesting or to update my fans on progress with my writing career. Let’s examine my progress with this to see if this is effort well-spent. I hope that this self-analysis will aid Gloria in looking at her own presence to determine any changes she may make in her Facebook interactions.

Exhibit #1:

I logged into my Facebook account and clicked on INSIGHTS on the menu at the left. This screen shows me information for the past month. I can see that my Total Likes percentage at the top of the page has increased by 0.59%. Look at the rest of the stats on that line and you will increases across the board. The important one for me if the People Talking About This. That number (15) indicates that activity is occurring that spreads the news about my page. Maybe someone has shared one of my posts or liked a status. That activity has potential when you look at how many Friends of Fans there are in my circle. I have fans with lots of friends and hope to interest them in visiting my page.

Exhibit #2

While you are looking at this screenshot, notice the HELP section for insights. In addition to being able to click on any of the question marks (?) to get a definition, you can access a tour and guide for more info.

Exhibit #3

So, you scroll down the Insights screen and you can discover which posts are most popular with your audience. Arrow 1 – this icon tells the type of post. As you can see, the video trailer of The Waiting Booth has gotten the most attention. Arrow 2 -I know this because 8 people shared, liked, or commented about this post. Arrow 3- Virality is the percentage of users of saw my post and then went on to interact. It’s the potential of that post spreading. The 2nd most popular item is when I posted a note about my writing/publishing progress. The 3rd popular is one with a box and blue arrow. This icon indicates my automated blog title/link postings. Conclusion? People respond more to my personal updates. I should be doing that more.

Exhibit #4

The next screenshot shows that I have an audience of mostly females between 35 – 54 years old. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ll take any age, but I would like to increase my younger audience since I am a YA author. My audience of 13-17 year olds should be larger. I’ll need to creatively come up with a way to increase this group on Facebook. Maybe I should investigate other YA authors’ pages with large followings to see what is happening on their pages.

Exhibit #4

Scrolling down to the bottom of the page, I can see how people are finding me to “Like” and the dates when this is happening. Over the last month, most people were on my Facebook page and clicked Like. Second, people clicked on the Facebook Like button from an external site like my website Facebook box. That tells me that my social plugin box is working and is important.

My conclusions today are that I should do the following:

1. Post personal updates on my writing more often.

2. Create a campaign to gain followers between 13-17 years old.

3. Add my Facebook Like social plugin box anywhere else I can. I am on a group blog for the Diamond State Romance Authors and I can add it there on my personal page.

4. Post videos whenever possible to test theory that people prefer those to text on Facebook.

I welcome your thoughts on what you like to see on Facebook. Gloria has done a terrific job with posting regularly on her page as well as gaining followers. I hope she’ll share any of her thoughts on her strengths and weaknesses with this social media.

&lt:-P party AND the winner of the $25.00 Amazon gift certificate is Emily Tardy! =D> applause Emily, Brinda will be in touch. Brinda used Rafflecopter for her contest. She tells me Emily was selected when she went to FACEBOOK and LIKED ME. Aw, shucks, Emily. Thanks!

Whoa, BRINDA! Just when I thought FACEBOOK was like email with pictures…

Remember, leave a comment, a question (Brinda will answer on-line). Trust me. I’ll be checking in, too. It’s WEB PRESENCE day(s) here at Gloria’s Hammock.