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I have some history with the seventy-two line poem titled The Spider and the Fly, a tell-all tale that will post elsewhere on this site. For now, please join me in my hammock to discover where in the heck I’m going with Spider GLobbles the Fly.

I’m excited to find out, too…

Spider GLobbles Alien Flies

As I type this, my brain cells begin to move, courtesy of Starbucks® Guatemala Antigua cone-ground-for-home-use coffee.

The spider’s web is—well—THE web. The last horse in the Trifecta of www.

In this scenario, I am the spider.

FWIW, if I were a character (ignoring fresh writing rules), I would look in the mirror and see a shapely spider with big, innocent eyes, long and lush eyelashes, a cute button nose, and perfect white teeth tucked behind kissable, pouty lips.

SNORT! In my dreams.

I don’t know what to picture for the extra legs. But, hey! I write romance. I can work with them. The possibilities! Leg one wrapped around his…

Never mind.

Informative and/or entertaining blogs become my fly—my mid-morning-mind-mulch. A person speaking on condition of anonymity, (but you know who you are, Sherry Isaac) recently observed that I do not write comments. I write novellas. If I have done this on your blog, it is because the post sparked my creative thought process. Words spilled from my fingers with little consideration for the poor readers in my wake scrolling to find a comment box for themselves.

I promise to will make every attempt to limit future comments. Why? Because (1) they add zip to my word count goals, (2) I try not to annoy, and (3) my spider body becomes rotund plump shapelier by the end of a successful blog hog morning.

Spider GLobbers All OVER Herself

I love contests.

I especially love free contests that might yield an edit of a manuscript excerpt by a pro.

I refrain from novella-as-comments blog posts on Kristen Lamb‘s Blog. Why? Because she is the voice of wisdom for bloggers and the author of We Are Not Alone–the Writer’s Guide to Social Media and Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Writer. Bop over to her site (after you finish here, of course). Order her books. Read her books. Write a book report about her books. I aspire to stay off Kristen’s DUH list for blogging. I also aspire to win her current comment give-a-way.

Leave a comment while you’re there (if you must). Competition sucks is a good thing.

Spider Lurches for Meaty Flies

One of the blogs I follow, Writers in the Storm, has…

I can’t type his name without getting all wonky.

Writer’s in the Storm has a guest blogger today and his name is DONALD MAASS! His books, Writing the Breakout Novel, The Fire in Fiction, and Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook are my favorite “go-to” books when I need to recharge my creative juices or work through a plot snag.  Click here and my blog will connect you with his guest post.

That makes us almost like BFFs or something, doesn’t it?

Spider Lurches for another Meaty Fly

It’s a wonderful day in my WEB! Margie Lawson—of Lawson’s Writing Academy fame–has a guest blogger on HER blog today. You can click here.

If you aren’t yet a Margie-Fan-atic, you are missing out on the best power-writing instructor, showcased with other Margie-vetted instructors at Lawson’s Writing Academy. LWA offers a virtual classroom experience for students of the craft of writing. BONUS! Tons of personalized feedback on your own words and WIPs.

Think Margie doesn’t punch up the power for her writers? I offer as evidence the plethora of Margie grads who have made it to “published”—many to the NYT bestseller’s list—including today’s blogger Anita Clenney, author of Embrace the Highland Warrior.

Warning: Meaty flies can have side effects, including procrastination captive reads, but none involve flying body parts.

Spider Alert! Bird in the Vicinity!

I flunked TWITTER! How could this happen? A score of fifty-six percent? Why did this happen?

I aced Calculus in college, for crumb’s sake, and that was after I missed 80% of the classes because they interfered with Double Pinochle games at the student union. It was also after I asked the professor for a make-up date for the final exam because it conflicted with my plan to participate in a sit-in. He said “yes.”

A surprise response that has led me to ponder whether students were the only ones back-in-the-day who did inhale and did enjoy it. Not me, of course…

But, TWITTER? A paltry fifty-six grade in Twitter? Come back Wednesday. By then, Brinda Berry will have diagnosed my problem(s) and will offer more sage counsel on navigation through TwitterVille.

The spider is ready to snooze. So, wake me up with questions and comments. Have you had a good week on your web? Found any juicy flies you want to share with us? About that personal history of me and The Spider and The Fly. I will append it to my bio on the Who Me? page later today, where it will remain for a VERY limited period of time. Have a great day and thanks for visiting.  Gloria