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Texas Moonlight Molly (Wog) does not fear a blank white canvas. A blank white canvas is a romp waiting to happen. That’s what my Friday blog means to me. A romp waiting to happen.




A romp waiting to happen…

What happens if the romp and the happen don’t show up in the same place at the same time? What then, huh?

I can’t pack my marbles and go home. I have no marbles. I lost them long ago.

You may THINK I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I do.

This morning, I chose to stare at the computer, read other blogs for inspiration (more on that later), and wait for the “blip” that signals SHERRY ISAAC is finally awake in Toronto and ready to chat.

This morning, our chat took a circuitous route (through toots and pooh balls and latex gloves) before we arrived at The Topic. My glog blog post for today.

If I follow your blog, you may will have noticed my comments can be somewhat verbose. Sherry calls them novellas, but she writes fiction and gets paid to exaggerate.


She chatted me right out of my blank screen blues, and connected “romp” with “happen.” How? Tell you what. I’ll show you our top secret conversation. Just don’t report us to the “en es eh”. We use codes instead of initials now because we’re convinced the en es eh monitors our chats when they cross the border.

Gloria Richard (): Get your timer ready, chickie! Hey! I had an idea about my Glob. The Glob Hog. I could post all of my novella length comments…and ponder why I can leave my chit on someone’s blog, but not on my own…

  • Gloria Richard ():‎ No? Okay. Maybe I’ll think of something in the shower.
  • sherry.isaac ():‎ :@) because you are acting on an idea and writing with abandon
    sherry.isaac ():‎ without thinking. :@)
    sherry.isaac ():‎ I mean that in the most o:-) way
  • Gloria Richard ():‎ :@):@):@) that bad, huh?
  • sherry.isaac ():‎ I can see it now: So I took Sherry’s advice and stopped thinking…
  • Gloria Richard ():‎ And, I have my opener…
  • sherry.isaac ():‎ …and now I can’t find my toilet paper
    sherry.isaac ():‎ SHNORT
  • Gloria Richard ():‎ Save this thread. Send via email. :@)ing for real. Out loud. Laughing out loud.
  • sherry.isaac ():‎ you write without toenails. why not without thinking?

There you have it. The reason you see a post today. I write with abandon today. I write without thinking about consequences. And, I puff up this post with blogs and videos that recently rocked my world.

Jenny Hansen’s More Cowbell has a post today about Sexting. I am so ANXIOUS to post a reply but refused myself permission to go there until my own post went live. Plus (BONUS!) I learned a new word to add to my list of faves: portmanteau. That’s a cool word, right?

Over at Writer’s in the Storm Tiffany Lawson Inman (Naked Editor) guest blogged about freezer reads. The books that scare you or move your emotional meter so far over the line, you want to hide them in the freezer. There, I learned that “gaze” is a new “don’t go there” word for writers. I took the creatively sneaky liberty of posting a before and after excerpt from my WIP in hopes I’d get free affirmation from Tiffany.

On Romance and Beyond Carole St-Laurent explored the art of sustaining a series with fresh characters, fresh plots, fresh character arcs. While you’re there, check out the earlier articles written about character interviews. NO PROMISES, but I may drag my protagonist on-stage next week. Molly and I have some issues to resolve. Ah, and you MUST read the post by Sherry about the many side-trips our characters take during the journey from Chapter One to The End.

Brinda Berry and her guest, Brooke Moss, offered some great tips for what husbands (or wives) can do to support the muse tapping away on the keyboard. Talk about conflict resolution! Brinda will, of course, be back next Wednesday with her PIMP MY WEB PRESENCE series.

There were other ROCKING posts this week. If I didn’t list yours, it’s not because it didn’t “make the cut.” I’ve simply run out of time and visitors may be close to the end of their rope attention span.

And, now for the video I promised. Last week, conversation turned to Carol Burnett and some of her funny skits. Here is the link  for one of my favorites.


SO. THAT’S IT. GLORIA WRITING WITHOUT THINKING. LEAVE A COMMENT SO I CAN LEAVE A short, medium or long response. I LOVE posting comments